Friday, October 1, 2010


This piece of insane hilarity,is from,home of Big Poo Generator,and other oddball bands.It's a guy with a speak and spell voice,telling tales of 4 retarded youths who live in a group home together.They have some great adventures,including a trip to the bowling alley,and stealing a car for a joyride.I don't wanna give too much away,you just gotta hear this!There are some songs that could have been left off here,as they really have nothing to do with the story.Trying too hard to be weird,it's nearly tardcore,but the music is mostly too well played.I think Food Fortunata may be on some of their compilations.The music is by Hemmeroy Rogers,another eartrippy artist.They have another release from before this,but not as good,(you can get it at,if interested).Once you get past the monotone voice,(and the narrator does all the voices of the characters),this is simply fantastic.Crack open a few cold ones,and let this sink in.And try not to shoot beer out your nose while laughing!


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