Friday, October 1, 2010

FOOD FORTUNATA-encyclopedia of the humans(least interesting beings in the universe)for the years 2036 to 317842143632841 A.D.

This will blow your mind!A history of the future,made possible thru Food ,and his amazing time machine.The true stupidity of humanity is revealed in this 19 chapter audio book.There is some weird backround music at points,and Food tells you what's to come.One of the greatest things i've heard in my life.Don't be mistaken by Food and his tardcore connections.I mean this is tardcore ,in a spoken word kind of way, intelligent,enlightening,and kicked in the balls ,funny!Some one requested this,and i was happy to recieve this from Food,as i was not aware of it before.That guy has got all kinds of shit up his sleeves.I highly recommend you download this immediately.One of the best things you'll ever hear,you'll find yourself going back for more,and turning others on to it.I hope the story continues at some time,i'm hankerin' for more already!


Anonymous said...

church parking, fucker!

Google Blum said...

link broken, plz repost