Friday, October 1, 2010

Z.A.T.H.- Zamboni Adventure Through Hell

A third release pops out of the ass of the tardcore machine,nay,institution,known as Z.A.T.H.
Once again Food and I, exchanged tunes,and added vocals on each others music.This is definitely the most experimental we've gotten as of yet.There are some straight-out songs,then there are mind-bending musics and vocals like you never heard before.This is about as stupid as it gets,what with tunes about, corduroy meatballs,chocolate teeth,baseball champions,monster trucks,the Residents,giant turtle vomit,cheeto eating mummies,and much more,no stone is left untur(ne)d.Great covers of a Devo song(Mongoloid),and one by German metal giants,Sodom(Volcanic Slut),these 26 ditties,will bring you to a higher state of ZATHness.I'm gonna lay down tracks for the next one,soon.As usual,Food did the artwork,as only he can.If you get this,grab our back catalog,as well. 

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