Friday, October 1, 2010


Yeah i know these guys suck,and i only give you one side of this 7",because the other side is a disco ballad,that really blows.But this song,which you may find hard to believe is the real Village People,is a genuine piece of punk/new wave history,that few have heard,due to the disco connection.Probably released around the time the movie Animal House came out,seeing how the song is titled,"Food Fight".Food,you may need to cover this song,at some point!Keyboard driven,quirky new wave,with punky vocals,this should not be missed.C'mon ,2:31 of greatness awaits!

CLICK HERE: link fixed!!!


Il Ragno said...

I found that "Renaissance" album at a Goodwill a few years back... I should have picked it up haha

Nick said...

file's missing!

G O D said...

hey the link is fixed,sorry bout that!