Sunday, October 10, 2010

THE HOLLOW WEENIES- Mr. Dunford & Igor with the Screaming Ghosts - In The Dungeon- Halloween 1995

This mystery group of unknowns,sprung to action,from the dungeon,as it says,on Halloween of 1995,to create this mood piece,that conjures up images of tortured souls,in blackened torture dungeons,and classic horror sounds.All sound effects were generated by the Hollow Weenies,no sound effects records were used,this is all original!Clocking in at just over 16 minutes,this is the perfect companion to(on an endless loop) handing out candy,Halloween parties,or just spooking out your friends and family.This group of ghouls was banished from the earth,after it became known that they had recorded this,and let mortals hear it.Unreleased until now,enjoy the sounds of Halloween from 15 years ago,finally fully realized,on this recording.Why don't ghosts have babies? Because they have hollow weenies ! For some truly gothic/punk/rock music,made by a few real-life vampires , Flowers Of Darkness,or FOD,click and paste to your browser here: or search for Flowers Of Darkness or FOD ,in the search box,up top.

for the Hollow Weenies

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siys said...

Love it! Thank you!!
Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween