Sunday, October 3, 2010

CAT MACHINE - 2-eaten alive by wild dogs

On this second tape,Oct. 2nd,1990, we kinda jam like the first tape,there is the original version of "Queen Turd Of Shit Hill",which sounds nothing like what it ended up to be.There is also a second version of Queen Turd here,which does sound like an embroyonic version of what became a live staple.We cover the Stooges,then I went to pick up our special guest for this tape,Chuck Connell.While I was gone,Joel & Tony tore off a really cool,spooky little refrain titled,"One Creepy Little Town",about life in the FTM.It is the mellowest song here,as well as the quietest.Yes there is much feedback noise,of the grunge variety,like Jesus Lizard,or somethin'.When Chuck joined in on this tape,(he's here for half the tape),things,suddenly picked up,into an almost different band.We all take turns singing,even Chuck.Some highlights are,"The Mighty Cat Machine" , You're So Contrary,Chees'd Psychic Ya" , and one of our many shining moments,"Come Hang With Me".Chuck plays the bass,like a son-of-a-gun,he is the bassmaster!The next 4 tapes in this year long series,are not dated,but in exact position in the masters vault,as the day they were recorded,so they are in order.I'll post one per each Friday in October,which is probably about right, as the next dated tape is 11/10/90 .Anyway,get this,give Chuck praise in the comments(he plays bass on tracks 12 thru 22),and don't forget,the Cat Machine tribute comp,which I think I may wait till next year,when this series runs out,and all the tapes are posted,and you'll be able to learn any one of our hundreds of songs,and send it in for the tribute post!! Enjoy this. Chuck is moving back to the FLA !!! living just 30-40 minutes from me,we will be working on lots of music together!


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