Saturday, February 25, 2012

4-WAY C-60 - Nasal Death/Frank Goshit/Stupid Pooping Crap/Belly Duke

Just saw Dylan and The Katter today! They came over and we formed a new ,as-of-yet un-named band which will be posted here soon! Dylan is Nasal Death and Stupid Pooping Crap ,and Frank Goshit also does Belly Duke.Frank And I (as Noisekillr) also just did a splitteo (see above this post). This is cool tho' ,Nasal Death is a parody/tribute to Napalm Death ,but instead of grindcore ,you get nosecore! Lots of sniffing and sniffling.Frank Goshit mostly talk/sings and hits things with a stick.Stupid Pooping Crap almost sounds like a sea shanty,as if sung by Dylan.And Belly Duke is Frank playing his stomach as a drum ,and talk/singing again,nearly matching Stupid Pooping Crap in the sea shanty department.Only 20 copies were made. This is real experimental shitnoise.Good!

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