Friday, February 17, 2012

MC SHY D - Shake It b/w It's Just My Caddy

Cousin of Afrika Bambaataa , produced by Luke Skyywalker (of 2 Live Crew) ,and boasting of 4 tracks ,when they only give you two! It says on the label (house mix) and (instrumental) ,but neither of those actually show up. These are ,I believe ,alternate mixes of tunes from his 1988 LP ,"Comin' Correct In 88" ,and this was his fifth 12" single. MC Shy D , or Peter Jones ,as his friends like to call him ,succesfully sued Skyywalker Records for 1.2 million in unpaid royalties.Sporting the Miami bass sound ,"Shake It" ,has been used in dozens of "big booty" vids ,with girls shakin'their asses all over! While ,"It's Just My Caddy" ,could be used as a professional golfer's theme song. Now leading a second life as a DJ at a sports bar! Free crab legs w/purchase of a drink! The record label's warning reads: "unauthorized duplication will get you messed up by the ghetto style dj's" Should I be scared?

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