Thursday, February 16, 2012

TMT - TOO MUCH TROUBLE a/k/a THE BABY GETO BOYS - Fugitive On The Run 12"

Coming from the South Park section of the ,Houston, Texas ghettos ,home of The Geto Boys ,Gangsta N.I.P. ,and others including Scarface ,who guests on this record. 3 mixes ,all of which have the profanities excised ,for radio play. Gangsta rap just ain't the same without a few curses thrown about! Taken from their first full-length album ,"Bringin' Hell On Earth". The lead rapper is Bar-None ,a white dwarf ,slightly shorter than Bushwick Bill. Drunk D ,Nickel Nut ,and Ghetto MC round out the rhymes ,with Scarface's special appearance. On Rap-A-Lot Records ,1992

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I fucking love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!