Thursday, February 2, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP with STIMPY - Live -2/1/1992 -At The Draft House

A massive set by OFS ,maybe their longest set ,ever! 11 original songs (including several improv instros!) and 15 cover songs by : The Stooges,Misfits(3x),The Fall,Syd Barrett,Black Sabbath,Black Flag,38 Special,Molly Hatchet,Led Zeppelin(2x),Pink Floyd(2x), and the Flamin' Groovies!The show was not well-attended ,probably due to the fiasco from the night before (1/31/1992 ,see below ,somewhwere) ,when I dissed on the crowd's beloved, Nirvana ,and half the people walked out! Since we played with Stimpy opening ,we were able to use their horns on one number here,the only time OFS ever used horns! Stimpy was just Ed and Sean Burch (Monson) ,and maybe Shane Carwile ,on this recording ,their one and only live gig. Billy ,Shane,and Sean ,had to leave ,to secure a gig in a new alternative club ,up near Port Charlotte. The Stimpy tracks are just fab ,first pumping quarters into the jukebox and singing along to Pink Floyd ,Bryan Adams ,and Led Zeppelin,(with added drums and sax!) ,followed by some hilarious announcements ,and finally an original improv ,based on one of Sean's earlier pieces. He announces us as a Russian saxophone band ,with appropriate accents. Funny as hell! The OFS , is punk-rockin' fun as well ,and we cover a bunch of our influences ,and play our own songs we re-learned from the original cassette tapes.Fun times ,and more to come!!

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