Monday, February 13, 2012

ROCKY DENNIS PICTURE SHOW - Flies Feast On Festering Feces

The latest from Ruby Showers & Uncle Boytouch ,with cover art by Abortion Bandito ,these guys are really tightening up! Their most accomplished and polished album yet ,with some of the funniest song titles ever! Seattle ,WA ,is apparently a hotbed for this kinda shit now ,what with these fellas ,Skindust , Teenage Mustache , Jamegumb ,and other groups ,crawling out of the woodwork. Ruby Showers had this to say about this release : "This album is so brutally metal and stuff, you'll shit your Slipknot bed sheets!" ,ha ha ,it's funny cuz it's true! Metalheads will be pleased ,as well as punks and gourmands of alternative music. P.S. since re-upping this ,over a dozen bonus tracks have been added to this release. Abortion Bandito does vocals on some ,and additional member ,JP Tittywigs ,plays bass,violin,sax,clarinet ,gong,organ ,and does some vocals! Enjoy the bonus version! CLICK HERE:

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