Monday, February 13, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Live At The Draft House 2/7 or 2/14/1992

It's a mystery when this show was recorded. It's listed on the cassette cover as the 7th ,but on another mix it's listed as the 14th. I put up the flyers from both shows ,one of which was not recorded ,at least I could not locate it in the vault.Black Nerd only played with us once ,and this was not the time ,despite the flyer. Pillows ,was a Michael Griffin (rip) noise project ,and I'm not sure about the Nomadz ,but I do know Boneshaker's original name was The North Cape Nomadz ,then TRV , for Tony,Ron,Vance ,the boys in the band.This is not your typical OFS live tape. It's pretty much Chipmonk's show ,as ,unbeknownst to either Joel or I ,Chipmonk had placed the microphone we were recording the show with ,right in front of his amp. It's just like him to pull some shit like that ,and after only a few more shows together (posted here soon!) the band was over. Joel said this about the tape : "Of sub-bootleg quality,actually it barely qualifies as a bootleg". The vocals ,my guitar ,and the drums ,are virtually washed out by Chipmonk's wall of jealous noise.There are some fine moments here ,including an improv instro (Magic Bowel Movement -Symphony In E Minus) , a bunch of cover songs,a lengthy and funny version of "Teach Wants Quiet" ,and a spoken word ending ,"The Ant-ectdote" ,a story of ants that is a parable of our times (the 90's). The audience was small but receptive. If you love the Chipmonk ,this is the tape for you ,wah-wah pedal,feedback ,and all. Not the most even recording ,and probably one of the worst sounding live recordings ,we ever did. Thanks ,Chipmonk!

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