Thursday, February 23, 2012

LEAD PAINT ZEPPELIN - Award Winning Songs

Really cool experimental stuff from Noah Lyon of . Absurdist comedy ,musique concrete,tardcore turntablist plunderphonics,and ebonics! This is soundart from Brooklyn ,NY. Noah uses all manner of cutural snippets in sampled form ,and distorts them into little soundscapes. This is neat-o avant-garde music by an accomplished artist. Much different from past releases ,this features a lot of Whitney Houston ,and maybe even more chilling ,it was recorded over a year ago ,a premonition of things to come! My favorite LPZ disc ,so far! Keep it going Noah!! Look out for the all-seeing eyes!!


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the post, but just seen a video where you're hating on Thrash Or Die.
Do you know those guys?

G O D said...

I know not what your'e talking about ,kind sir. Are you addressing Noah Lyon? I'm not him.I am G O D ,and Thrash Or Die , reminds me of the old Nintendo game "Skate Or Die",I may have to investigate this matter.Thanks for the comment