Thursday, February 2, 2012

DROLL YANKEES - No.3 -Seaport Series - Sounds Of The Sea

Organic industrial , avant-garde , musique concrete, audio verite ,call it what you will ,you'll be trippin 'on this release from 1962(!!??!!) Out of Providence ,RI . The plans are laid out on the record label above ,as to what you will be hearing.Quite jarring ,and a great soundscape for folks in mid-america ,not near any kind of ocean ,or people up north in the snow ,who would like to escape ,if only for the length of this recording.All the pertinent info is listed on the labels ,as there is no back cover ,just blank. I'd like to hear the rest of this series,but all web searches have been for nought. Droll Yankees is now a pet supply company,still located in RI ,specializing in bird feeders.Go figure!

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