Thursday, February 2, 2012

THE FOSTER FAMILY STRING BAND - Help Foster Bluegrass Music In America

A recent thrift store find ,mainly for the cover photo. Note the dad's hillbilly beard ,and the mom and daughter's prim and proper posing. Now look into the son's eyes ,beneath that Frankenstein forehead/eyebrow thing ,and tell me what you see. Now read this article ,explaining young Will's dilemma . The dad and daughter both autographed the back cover ,but where were mom and son ,and why did they not sign it? Just some good ol' bluegrass ,outta AL ,with a cover of Delta Dawn ,the Tanya Tucker hit.Guitar,mandolin,banjo ,and pervo stand-up bass. Some fiddle and clarinet are added on a couple songs by non- family members.


Anonymous said...

I would love to know when this LP will be available for download as mediafire is so pitiful. Thanks!

G O D said...

I'm working on it! Thanks for your patience ,I should be there soon ,doing links re-ups newest to oldest! stay tuned here for the download! Thanks!

Dovi said...

Huh. Just came across an old Doc Watson recording of "Southbound Passenger Train" on youtube, and remembered going to listen to the Foster Family when I was a kid growing up...they did an amazing version (as I recall, Will did the bass bit). Hit up google to see if I could find some of their music and ran across this post. Shocking to read!

Still, they put out some great music & I would love it if you could refresh the mediafire link. I moved away from AL back in '91 and haven't heard this group since then.

Thanks if you're willing!