Thursday, January 12, 2012

MARK BRODIE AND THE BEAVER PATROL - Scarlett O'Hara b/w Montezuma's Revenge/Shake N' Stomp

I posted this surf single ,for my friends who are in snow and cold right now! This will hopefully warm you up a little! Great original surf instrumentals ,that will make you wanna grab your stick and head out to the beach! Canadians (what do they know about surfing?) on Shredder Records.


mtlhardcore said...

It’s a cold one tonight 1°F. Tomorrow night -9°F with wind - 26.

Thanks for this... I will think of hot sandy blonde "bitches" while I drink a martini and listen!

Erroneously Confident said...

Hi Could you please re-up this one?
Thank you

Erroneously Confident said...

Hi could you please re-up this one?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

this file is deleted at Mediafire. Will you please upload it again. Maybe on Zippyshare?