Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Shake My Claw,Suzy Fink

The title has to do with a girl that had a claw hand.Ed,Joel,and Chipmonk were once again graced with Billy Drake's prescence ,as well as Shane Carwile ,Sean Sommers,Dave (antelope leaps?) ,and it sounds as if Katie Ball stops by ,and possibly Kristy and Zolan. Recorded in Joel's room at Cat Machine House 1/11/1992 ,straight to boombox! At some point near the end of this recording ,our recording device began going south. You can actually hear the tape slowing down and making sense of the closing number "I Have Lost All Of My Motor Skills". I think we recorded the band Quaalude(slowest band in history! found on this blog!) on the same recorder ,that day or the next ,after it was acting up.Also of note that day ,some workers were beating on Gramp's roof,and you can hear it on the tracks ,"Beat On The Roof" , "Arty Party" ,and "Crazy Ass White Boys" . The first half of this tape is 6 songs ,all college rock and indie-punk alt-rock stuff.I also must have had the mohawk up on this day as I act and sound like a barnyard bird on ,"Rooster" ,an act I would pull out from time to time ,when the fin was up! This is a really good and strange one. Dig it . And Suzy ,if you're out there ,I don't know you ,but sorry 'bout that album title!

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