Monday, January 23, 2012

This is a re-post of the practice for the first One Fell Swoop gig!(originally posted May 7,2010).

Recorded live, 1/23/1992,(20 years ago ,today!), at Gramps,the Cat Machine house,and the typewriter case,pizza pan drum rim,hammer and pliers drumset is in full-effect.The first half is originals,the second half we cover: the Flamin' Groovies(twice), the Fall, Hendrix(2 hits), and Kiss. The between song banter is good for a few guffaws,and we were still re-learning these songs,picked from several sessions. Good for what it is. The song," I Need Cash",swipes a Kike riff! The first gig led to a residency as the "house" band of the Draft House, (for a few months), we actually cracked downtown wide open ,bringing in opening acts ,and making a place for kids to hang out ,and see and hear local and out-of-area bands. Before that ,there wasn't really any venues for punk/alternative bands to play. Art by Eric J. This has been posted for nearly 2 years ,and only 10 downloads? Well ,now that I've fit it into the sequence of tapes ,posted in order of their recording dates ,maybe more of you will get to hear this!

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