Monday, January 16, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Nubiles Galore

(picture removed for copyright infringement)

On this ,their final home recording (next up is the live gig tapes ,from the Draft House and other locales!) the trio is joined by Sean Sommers ,and a few "real" nubiles ,Shannon and T.J. This day also saw the one-off recording of a side band ,Li'l Shavers (found elsewhere on this blog) There is also one long-lost track (Pull The Trig) ,recorded in Cape Coral at Mumsy's ,by Count Vance ,with Ed,Joel,& Chipmonk playing ,and Eric "Trig" Triglet, on vocals and mini vacuum ,which I will locate and post ,soon! On this particular recording ,tho' , Black Flag's "Nothing Left Inside" leads it off ,followed swiftly by the golden oldie ,"Shave And A Haircut" ,and then runs thru 6 more college-rock tunes ,and ends with a lo-fi voyeristic track ,"Packin' It In (With The Meat Puppets) ,wherein the core trio talks about several issues and the upcoming Meat Puppets show. A great band ,spun off from the mighty Cat Machine! You deserve everything that's coming to you! I'm talking directly to you ,the listener! Hope you take my tip! Recorded at Cat Machine house ,20 years ago today! Jan. 16,1992!


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