Thursday, January 12, 2012

DICK QUINN - If That Ain't Country b/w She Gave Her Heart To Jethro

A fine local find. This outlaw redneck guy recorded and produced this single in Largo ,on Dead Frog Records outta St. Petersburg,FL. Basically you have a David Alan Coe cover on the a side ,and a Tom T. Hall cover on the b side. Pretty good for a local boy ,found it in a thrift shop in Land O' Lakes ,years ago. Thought it might sit pretty on here. Rare as all hell ,try to find some info on this thing,if you can! Impossible!!


Bob The Scared Data Miner said...

link is dead. Any chance for a re-up?

Anonymous said...

Wow! For some reason I googled Dick Quinn's name and came up with this site, and his 45rpm record on the "Dead Frogs" label.
God bless the internet! Now, us oldtimers can tell our stories for future generations.
Me and Dick Quinn first met in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1974. He was a long-established pro musician, and I was a young "wannabe", struggling to learn harmonica and fiddle.
Dick saw some potential in me, and sorta became my show-biz mentor. His was one of the first bands to hire me when I was still pretty "green".
The clubs that featured live bands were really jumping in those days(pre-MADD & karaoke), and it was easy to keep a 4 or 5-piece country band working five or six nights a week. One of those steady 6-nighters was at the Silver Spur Lounge, on U.S. 19, in Port Richey, Florida.
Dick had a rare gift. He was always funny, and crowds loved him. He could tell the lamest, most un-tasteful joke, and everybody thought it was hilarious. He just had that kind of personality. He was also an excellent singer, with a deep, rich voice, and a virtuoso guitar player. It was a privilege to work with him in my formative years.
As my career progressed, I moved away and would only occasionally run into him over the years. The last time was around 1996 or '97 in Tampa. I haven't seen him since. If he's still alive, he would be in his eighties.
I still have fond memories of Dick and the Tampa Bay live music scene from way back then!

Anonymous said...

I saw Kathy Quinn (His wife) at a Memorial Service at AMVETS Post 8 in St. Pete a few years ago. Dick was still alive but had Alzheimers really bad. Haven't seen her since. And have no info on Dick.