Monday, January 9, 2012

M.C. OSSO - Umbra Penumbra

This rarity has been asking to be uploaded forever! Look it up on the web ,you won't find any info on this record or M.C. Osso ,anywhere! Great revved-up (sometimes) ,and mellowed-out blues songs ,with a folky bent on some tracks. There is some harmonica and bongos here,and M.C. is backed up by Tio Frijol & The Soul Casserole (Tierra Del Fuego's finest!) ,and you'll also hear some flute,sax,piano ,and organ in addition to Mr. Osso's fine guitar jams!From 1974 ,recorded in New York ,on Axe Records(a division of Hardedge ,Inc.) ,and with that record company name and logo(see lower corner of album cover) ,you'd be expecting some metal or in my case some Mentors!But ,alas ,it is not to be ,this is just some jukin' blues that everyone should hear.The really downtrodden stuff comes on tracks like ,"Chances For Survival" ,and "Executioners". There's even a song that should have been featured on a movie soundtrack from recent times ,"Superbad Blues" ! I could definitely see (and hear) Dylan Houser ,settling into this sound as he grows older with his Bloodponies project.Pretty neat-o stuff ,and rare ,apparently!

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Anonymous said...

My name is Richard Stark. I had the great pleasure of knowing MC in the mid 90s. I met Him through a friend Dan V. We would hang and catch up with MC @ Borders or The Printers Devil. Shortly after MC's passing in Sept 1998 I met Kevin who played keyboards on Umbra in 1999 and He gave Me a cassette copy. I have been playing "Executioners Song", "Standstill" and "Im Kickin" for years. I have gotten some great healing from that album, especially as I got sober. The brief time I had the honor of knowing MC has been so influencial musically and spiritually. I can still hear Him introducing His "Imaginary Playboys" band and remember how Id get chills listening to his guitar work on "Small Craft Warnings".. He would make that blue guitar cry. Thank You for acknowledging this great man and artist. You can contact Me anytime. Sincerely. Richard Stark (