Monday, January 9, 2012

LEAD PAINT ZEPPELIN - 40 Songs About Numbers

Noah Lyon came up with this concept.(Eat lead paint and), Do songs about nothing but numbers ,and it's really wacky! Tardcore that makes you think. About math and stuff. And of course numbers and dumber things.On Retard Riot records ,this is the 2nd(or third?) release ,from 2010 ,in a ltd edition of 100.Noah is a man who wears many hats. This one has a bunch of stupid numbers all over it. He also wears hats with cartoons drawn all over them ,and hats that say Dad on them.Look for an all-new band ,soon ,with me and Noah ,kickin out the motherfuckin jams ,bitch! Highly (huh,huh) recommended..., if you wish to be put away ,where you can't harm anyone or yourself ,it's that good! Go and buy one at
CLICK HERE: (on these numbers! ,and letters)

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