Monday, January 30, 2012

TACOCASTER - Tacocaster Grabs The Crusto!

To quote the Connecticut shitcore master ,"I believe in food and therefore am one with sodium". The leader of a cult of food (not of the Fortunata variety!),recorded all these short songs ,even dedicating an e.p. to yours truly (Hurricane Irate), compiled here for your pleasure! He also has a page on Soundcloud ,of songs that can't be downloaded ,and he can be found at Shitcore,boredcore,bedroomcore ,tardcore,whatever you wanna call it ,this shit is pretty dope.Attempts to contact the man ,have been fruitless ,leaving us with what you will hear here. There's an interview with him ,on his blog ,as well as a bunch of swell artwork (some included in zip!) I made a collage of some of his artwork for the front cover! Hope you're ready for what's in store ,aahhh it'll be over in a few minutes ,just download it!!

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