Thursday, January 26, 2012

BLACK FOREST RAPE - Schwarzer Waldraub

The second phenomenal release from this up-and-coming ,almost indescribable band! Recorded in their hometown of Calw, in the Black Forest region of Germany. My pal over there ,Hans , he of the band Tyrantyr ,and master compiler of the Black Metal Cult series. His cousin provides the percussion ,a perfect foil to his friends black/death/doom/drone/psych/metal/
instrumental/stoner rock.
As you can see they used their native lingo for the album and song titles ,but if you download ,you will find the titles to be translated to english. The album title is just the band's name in German. 4 songs of varying lengths. The first track ,(Master Of The Whores), was previewed on the great, big Sluggisha #1000 compilation ,in a truncated (4:00) version , while here you have the full 26 minutes + album version! Trippy and distant ,making you feel drunk with cuntlove. The next track is based off a blues riff ,but degenerates several times into a psych/freakout meltdown. The third ,and shortest number here, is chunka-chunka thrash metal stylee ,and it all ends off with the final piece ,an atmospheric doom dirge ,using only the sounds of nature ,and a tolling bell. Fuckin' great band ,here ,mates! The zip contains more photos from the album cover sessions ,that weren't used!

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