Saturday, January 14, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Tales Of Desperate Survivors On The Edge Of Reality

A short 5-song e.p. ,due to the recording device fucking up on us ,but then turned into our recording device for the slowest band ever ,Quaalude! This really does contain what the title implies, songs that tell of extremely desperate people ,in survival situations.Shane Carwile plays trumpet(!!?!!) on much of this ,and Billy Drake and Sean Sommers also play and sing on thease tracks.Ed ,Joel ,and Chipmonk ,just keep the music flowing ,and spewing lyrics about characters we know ,like, Pukeboy & Subhuman ,Jimmy Cochran ,and riders of the Special Olympics Bus ,amongst others. There is only one more studio recording before the tapes go to live gig recordings. Cover painting by John Wilford. Recorded 1/14/1992 ,20 years ago today!!

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