Monday, January 9, 2012

ERIK AND THE PSYCHOS - Hey,Buttmonkey!

Discovered this on the web , a rare footnote in the annals of tardcore. This almost sounds like Ice Cream Sandwich Shit Head ,without his trademark acoustic guitar. The band is from New England. Erik, who is the frontman, pretty much did everything himself. The Psychos appear on only two tracks: "Freak-Out Musicians," and "Boogie Boo Boo." On this CD Erik plays a set of percussion instruments (a grill, a Mickey Mouse cup, a cardboard box) and throws in a few contemporary rock/pop culture soundbites for the hell-of-it. These are mainly used as segue pieces introducing each song. The CD is chock full of juvenile bathroom humor, esp. "The Cheese In My Shoe" and "Garbage Can Lids" -- these were the days of "Beevis and Butt-head" my friend. Unfortunately, Erik regrets it all. The Psychos have moved on and Erik refuses to even touch a drum set (or in this case, a Micky Mouse cup or a cardboard box). Recorded in 1995. Released Independently in 2000.It was all one track ,and I did my best to seperate the tracks,hopefully ,all is tard!


ladyanthropophagus said...

This shit is amazing. It's a shame about Erik apparently not wanting to acknowledge this stroke of genius. I'd have loved to have heard more recordings.

Anonymous said...

Talented and creative use of grill, mickey mouse cup and cardboard box
Erik should resurface and make more music. I would love to hear more of his work.