Monday, January 9, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Drinkin', Fartin', And Fondlin' Ladies

The underground sensation's 30th album!! As on the last release ,Billy Drake is back to fill in the empty spots in these recordings ,with his magical axe.As for the album title? Well ,that's what we were doing ,the day we recorded this fine piece of musical jerky.Some real mess we got ,here! I gotta say ,the keyboard /guitar interaction on the instrumental ,"Drug Island" ,is positively ear-piercing! Nine tracks of alt-rock,indie-punk ,college music ,that will twist your melon ,gramps! Recorded Jan.9 ,1992 , 20 years ago ,today!! At the world-famous Cat Machine house ,in Ft. Myers,Florida. Art by Richard Diran ,slightly modified by me! Alternate front covers in zip.

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