Friday, January 6, 2012

HELL GARBAGE - Dishnivacht

More shit-core noise from Dylan ,(also of the pensive acoustic Bloodponies), this time joined by Katter ,on percussion and some keys. Recorded 8/7 - 8/9 /2011 ,and boasting "thousands of trax!no titles!yay!". Their slogan is "Fuck Music!!!" ,but I don't know if it means music you have sex to ,or the actual middle-finger salute in the face of music itself! All the songs are rolled up into one 41 and-a-half minute track.Thinking man's music ,clears the mind ,and opens it again. In the words of the immortal Danny Bays ,"Real Men Listen To Cassettes!" Released on Dylan's own Lady Anthropophagus Unincoporated imprint.

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ladyanthropophagus said...

This was the first Hell Garbage release, and the first one released on Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated! Yaaaaay!