Monday, January 30, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP with BLACK NERD - Live at the Draft House 1/31/1992

This is a re-post of a previously posted tape.(back in 2009) This time I give you the flyer for the actual show ,with our original logo and mascot(see above,duh!),plus Billy and Shane were at the Edison Mall ,handing out flyers to the show ,and Dave from Wendy's ,was on a book signing tour ,and Billy handed him a flyer ,which he then placed on the table in front of him.It can be seen in the pic above ,which was on the front page of our local ,Ft. Myers News-Press newspaper! How's that for publicity? The following is from the original posting ,where all is explained!:

Me,Joel and Chipmunk,in our little alt-rock trio,me and Chip on guitars,Joel on drums,except when he sings,me on drums,we all sing,mostly me.i wrote the lyrics and we cover,Flamin'Groovies,the Fall,Syd Barrett,Hendrix,Stooges,Sonic Youth,Led Zeppelin,and Black Flag.Kinda Electric Eels style,no bass,just guitars.we sound much different live,with a real drum kit,instead of our usual kit(see other One Fell Swoop posts for details)and the flyer on the other post is for this show ,the flyer on this post is for a show a week later,Black Nerd opened for us(re-posted below!),and we had a big crowd of locals who were rather pissed at my intro to"Red Letter Day"when i razz Nirvana for their sell out video(smells like...)on mtv at the time,lots of folks walked out after i make my comments,oh well,they missed the rest of a hell of a good show!We aquired a residence as the house band at the Draft House for some time after this.I was the one who got them to let us play and start a scene in our crappy little town.Kinda busted open the floodgates for a million embryo alt rock bands and punks to play and hang out, before that downtown was just drunken bums hangin at the bar.Lots more live tapes to come.The first track is an improv,which we usually used to apply to a regular set list,we'd always do a few improv jams.A fine document of a fantastic band,stay tuned for more! The flyer also lists the next show to be posted ,from 2/1/1992 ,with Stimpy!! Coming soon!


and for the Black Nerd show

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ladyanthropophagus said...

I used to go to the Edison Mall all the time when I was a kid. I went there again about two months ago (when my girlfriend and I was visiting her sister in Lehigh), and I must say, the place has certainly gone downhill since the times I went there as a kid...ahhh, youth (and I don't mean the producer/bassist for Killing Joke!). And wow, Wendy's founder/Pere Ubu frontman Dave Thomas at the Edison Mall! I used to eat Wendy's hamburgers at that the food court and have diarrhea when I would come home later that day (sorry about the TMI, but I just really felt the need to share it!)! Again, ahhh youth!