Monday, January 16, 2012

FILSUFATIA - Buried Beneath And Forgotten

A one-man , instrumental, melancholic black metal band from Malaysia ,South Asia.Formed in 2006 ,this is his 7th demo (he's released one each year) from 2011 ,and he sent this to me in hopes of gaining a record deal ,so any A&R people out there,take note of this guy (Deep)! He has a new 7 song demo coming out for 2012 (I'll have it here ,when available!) ,and has done a couple of full lengths and splits. Really doomy and gloomy ,a cross between Burzum /Xasthur /Emperor (though not quite as majestic!) Piano leads into electric razor-sharp buzzing guitar ,and back out . 3 songs of despair and depression. Don't play this if you have suicidal feelings! Thanks ,Deep! (real name: Benign Nor Hafeez) .Please send more!!

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