Monday, January 30, 2012


An all-new band of tardcore fools ,comin' straight at ya in the 2012!! They have a cover of that gem of a song (Dumb Audio Dynamite's "2012") ,ready for that 7" single ,out soon on Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records!(not on this release,sorry!) But this is a horse of a different color (and smell!) Short ,dumb songs ,with stupid vocals and lyrics ,accompanied by acoustic guitar,spastic keyboards ,boob drums ,and funny samples ,in between songs! As you can see by the track list on the back cover ,the subject matter is that of degenerate minds. This is only the beginning! Mix Master Toilet Wig ,has been expressing interest in re-mixing this mess (as well as working recently on a new band (as yet un named ,tho Doctor Ninja suggested "Leather Penis") ,with an upcoming release, with Noah Lyon of Retard Riot ,and doing a re-mix version of the song "2012" ,for the single ,and also providing the music for Jake (of Seasonal Men's Wear) to sing on ,for their new band ,Nacho Knees (look here for it soon!)). Superfloater will float on! Superfans leave comments ,Superhaters ,fuck off!! Look for the videos that are sure to come ,on Youtube.

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