Friday, January 6, 2012

KAAGOOTAABAA - The Sensitivity Sessions

We've seen ,and heard ,John from Kaagootaabaa ,grow over the succesion of tapes he's been recording since last year. On this all-new ,2 disc set (with a whopping 85 cuts!) ,I was reminded several times of the Royal Trux double-LP masterwork ,"Twin Infinitives" ,and I must say , that this Kaagootaabaa release is the best yet. Recorded over Nov-Dec 2011 ,it sounds as if doing that split with Skindust a while back ,rubbed off on John a little.Pitting pensive ,moody acoustic guitar pieces ,against brutal and sometimes harsh noise pieces,and mixing in some power electronics sounding shit,along with inane vocalizing , is a winning combination on this recording. Split into 2 discs ,the first is, "Songs Of Love And Dance" , is back and forth every other song switching from mellow guitar instumentals ,to ear-blasting slabs of mindless noise. With an obligatory GG Allin cover song. Disc 2 ,"Songs Of Fun" ,include more of the hilarious song titlings ,as the first disc did, and features Dr. Bad Touch on keys ,on one number. Yes, John's come a long way in a short amount of time. Look for Kaagootaabaa on upcoming splits with like-minded artists. A whole lot of Kaagoo ,to take in all at once ,maybe too much fore some,but well worth it! This is the masterpiece John will have to live up to ,and follow-up with something even wilder!(if that's at all possible , I don't see how!)

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