Friday, January 6, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Crab Medicine

Ed, Joel ,and Chipmonk were joined by guitarist Billy Drake ,the pefect match to spar with Chipmonk's guitar wizardry.And spar they do! Some fine songs are enhanced by Billy's guest appearance ,harkening back to the glory days of the Cat Machine!There is a blow-out Stooges cover (Not Right) ,and it ends with a 12 second hardcore blast ,"Epcot Police State" In between all that though ,you have ace alt-rock ,indie -punk songs ,that the band was always known for. "Minturn ,We Hardly Knew Ye" ,pokes joking fun at Minty ,an older guy musician we knew ,who was arrested for some crap. Maybe a carry-over from Cat Machine's ,"I Hate Vacuums" , the song ,"Ukeleles Suck" is a one-minute blistering blast of anger at the stringed instrument. A few that Joel sings on ,"Lips Of Gods" and "Move Up" ,are true underground alt-pop gems."Born Again Maniac" ,has a tune that will stick in your brain sideways ,like a rotting fish lodged in a dead bear's craw,and will stay with you for days. Don't remind me!

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